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My Summer To-dos from July/August 2011 Women’s Health Magazine

I typically only buy magazines when I travel so I’m at the mercy of what happens to be out when I’m running through Washington Reagan National Airport.  Sometimes I feel underwhelmed when I read the same old articles, but I must say the July/August 2011 issue of Women’s Health Magazine had me dog-earring pages like there was now tomorrow.  So here are my Top 10 faves from the magazine that I’m adding to my summer to-do list:

  1. Buy Invisible Zinc (pg. 48) – SPF 30 water resistant sunscreen that give you the physical blocking power of zinc without the white mess.
  2. Pimp my Smoothie (pg. 86) – These smoothie recipes seem perfect to beat this summer heat.  I especially like the Apple Mojito Lite at only 107 calories.
  3. Try the waffle topped with greek yogurt and blueberries for breakfast (pg. 92).  I have some whole-wheat waffles in my freezer that seems too plain to get excited about, but this high-protein, high-antioxidant add is right up my alley.
  4. Pick up a bottle of Mas de la Dame Rose du Mas 2010.  The description of cherry, raspberry, lavender and thyme seems like a awesome combination.  Chill it and have a refreshing happy hour just in time for the weekend.
  5. Freeze some pops (pg. 98) – Perfect summer heat treats that also tantalize your taste buds.  I’ll be trying the Thai Iced Coffee (70 calories) and Pomegranate Swirl (50 calories!) and soon as I find some popsicle trays.
  6. Grill up some chicken kebobs (pg. 100) – Easy weeknight grilling recipes that seems to have the perfect blend of sweet and spice.
  7. Check out  (p. 115) I’m not sure what it’s all about, but I’m a sucker for healthy living/nutrition websites.  I’ll check it out and report back if I find something good.
  8. Get my bikini body! (p. 122)- Ok, let’s be realistic, I’m not sold that doing this alone is going to have lightening fast results, but I needed something to shake up my routine.  I’m adding this to the end of my current cardio workout (gotta shed that fat with cardio before you can see those toned muscled underneath).  I’m on Day 4 and it’s definitely using muscles I haven’t used in a long while.  I added cobra pose and modified child’s pose to Day 3 and I thought it really enhanced my stretch day.
  9. Bulk up my salad (p. 130) – I can’t even pick a favorite salad recipe.  They are making me drool as I type this.
  10. Chill out with some mediation (p.143) – Truth be told this is one that’s been on my list for a while, but the approach seemed simple and achievable.  I like the idea of starting small…maybe even 5 minutes and work your way up.
Bottom line, if you are staring at the Women’s Health Magazine with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the cover, buy it!  it’s worth the read and you’ll want to cut out some recipes to try this weekend.
Good luck staying cool this weekend!
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Indulging in the Flavors of Puerto Rico

So my family and I had a wonderful time exploring the flavors of Puerto Rico.  When I think back on our eating escapades I remember seafood, fresh fruit and MOFONGO!

Catch of the Day

I didn’t make a conscious effort, but I believe I had seafood at every meal we had out.  In general, I try and stick to that rule since that means I get to control where my meat and poultry come from.  It’s an even better idea in Puerto Rico when most of the seafood is freshly caught from the surrounding waters.

Fruit, Fruit, Everywhere

It was so easy to get your daily dose of Vitamin C in Puerto Rico.  The fruit was gorgeous and delicious.  One of my favorites was mango we picked up from the local supermarket.  You had to pick around and find a ripe fruit, but my mom cut up slices for an afternoon snack after the pool and it was sweet heaven.  Fruit was everywhere!  You could buy Coco Frio (cold coconut) on the roadsides stands.

We found some in during our drive through El Yunque Rainforest.  You need to have the right tools.  Our vendor uses a machete to cut off the top.  Then all you need is a straw to reach the refreshing and electrolyte-filled coconut water. Best of all, you find local fruit featured prominently in their fruity drinks where they add coconut, mangos, apples, citrus and more to homemade sangria, mojitos and margaritas.

Los Kioskos

Another great way to sample the local fare is to hit the kiosk food stands strewn throughout Puerto Rico.  We were lucky to be close to a popular set of kioskos in Luquillo.  While we had been told there would be mostly fried food options, we had one of our best meals in at Tapas 13 where we were able to sample small plates of yucca sticks, spicy garlic shrimp and calamari.  Walking through the stands was an adventure for the senses and we felt like locals partaking in this rustic experience. 

And for the grand finale! Mofongo!

I was told this was a must-have dish for our Puerto Rican experience.  I had heard of the dish, but had never tasted it.  I’m glad my first time was authentic.  We hit a beachside restaurant and I ordered my first Mofongo Relleno de Camarones (Stuffed Mofongo with Shrimp).  Mofongo is made by mashing plantains (typically fried first to soften) and then filling it with a thick soup of protein, garlic and vegetables.  I was momentarily disappointed when my plate arrived with only two shrimp on top only to “crack” into the mofongo to find a dozen shrimp swimming inside a garlickly broth.  It was delicious and fresh – reinforced by the plantain delivery they received during our meal.  

I arrived home a little sleep deprived and very well fed.  I’d recommend a trip to this tropical destination that is closer than Hawaii and where you don’t need to use your U.S. passport…just be sure you bring an adventurous appetite!

Safe summer travels to everyone!

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Taking Eat2Win Global…well, sort of

Hey there. I’m coming to you from my iPhone 4. You got that right, my iPhone 4. No, I’m not texting this whole blog, but using my new Apple Wireless Keyboard and my iPhone WordPress App to write this test blog. I’ll be traveling to Puerto Rico, India and Istanbul over the next two months and I thought it would be great to share my food experiences from across the world. In any event, I think I am ready to pack and bring the worlds dishes to you.

Stay tuned if you are interested in international cuisine!